We Got A Time Machine And Found 14 Hilarious Tweets From Well Known Big Shots In History

Anyone who uses Twitter knows it’s very addictive and is usually the source of most big news. Why? Because we are addicted and feel the need to share our experiences with everyone else. Now imagine all the great people we read about in the Bible and in history class had twitter accounts!

Someone sparked this question and…

…the answers were crazyyyyyy!!!


Lol, you know who it is right?

Remember how Delilah cut off Samson’s hair?


Lmao!!!!! Sheesh chill guys

Even Twitter got in on it….

Decisions…decisions Adam. what to do now?

For those who don’t know, Malcolm X was a human rights activist and quite radical.

Joseph would have been a trending topic on twitter we swearrrr!!

Yooo!! Jesus would have become an internet sensation!

Paul Revere was some guy in American history known for his midnight ride to alert the colonial militia of the approach of the British forces in April 1775. makes sense now right? lol

Liiiike!!! ahahahhahahahhahahaaa

Yasss Juliet!!!


The composers’ beef would have been wild!

Oh-kay Neil.


Lmaooo the sly shade!


Isaac’s story would have been lit!!


Mary Magdalene would have been dragged all over the TL


Wow that escalated real quick lol.

Twitter would have been more addictive then cos of all the juice and drama!

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