#KuulEnoughToGetChecked: 5 Breast Cancer Myths That Are Total B.S!

The world celebrates #PinkOctober to create awareness for breast cancer and your fam here at Kuulpeepsuew is all for the cause.

For this reason, we will be serving a tonne…okay..let’s not get ahead of ourselves..lol. We will be dishing series of interesting boob articles for the ladies…and the guys who love those twins just as much. Let’s start with some health! Here are 5 breast cancer myths you probably believe….which are trash!

Only older women get breast cancer

Now, here’s the 411…even though most breast cancer cases are reported by older women, 50 and above, this doesn’t mean a 20-something-year-old can’t get cancer of the boobs. YOU CAN! It is very common for ladies who are 15-29 to get the early symptoms of breast cancer. Once you’re a woman, you’re at risk!

Guys don’t get breast cancer

It appears no one is safe. Cancer is no respecter of gender. Guys can get breast cancer. It usually begins as a lump on the chest and they ignore….till they start BLEEDING FROM THE NIPPLES. Still think we’re kidding? Google Montel Williams and Ernie Green..then let’s have a chat!

Wearing bra makes you an easy target for breast cancer

Who started this rumour? Ugh! It is so lame we won’t even give it enough attention. There is no relationship to bra wearing and breast cancer. NONE. Wear them, proud ladies, we love em!

Deodorant is a sure way to get breast cancer

Another lame joke taken seriously. At least this one makes sense. It is thought of that the chemicals in antiperspirants get absorbed into the body causing cancer. But forget it! That’s a lie. Use them deodorants. Bad odour de3…we kent!

Nipple piercing causes breast cancer

Urmm…who else has noticed most of these myths are dumb? Anyone?? No one?? Okay! The only risk of nipple piercing is an infection..not breast cancer. Nipple piercings are a huge turn-on! Get em! Just go to a professional!

So you see, eny3 deep saa! There are thousands of cancers and breast cancer is a minute part of it! Early detection saves lives. Get checked hunnies…ASAP. Look out for more boob stories.


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