General Do’s And Dont’s When Caring For Body Piercings

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After getting a body piercing you need to take care of the open wound – keep it away from dirt and debris which can cause an infection and possible complications. You would have to take care of them so they do not get infected. It is also good to know that piercings in certain areas of your body will take longer to heal – the greater the blood flow to a particular part, the faster it will recover. Lips, earlobe, and tongue should heal in the shortest period of time, whereas nose and outer ear cartilage will take longer to recover.


1. Safety

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Your safety is important so don’t just go to anybody to have your body parts pierced. You should find an experienced piercer who is skilled and knows exactly what he or she is doing. Your piercer should always be at your service, which means that you can contact him if you think that some complications are about to happen.

2. Cleaning

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Your piercing should be regularly cleaned with proper products. Besides that, you should be ready to deal with a little bit of pain for a few days – it is perfectly normal because your body needs some time to heal after the process. To care for a fresh piercing, wash with soap and water or saline solution—not rubbing alcohol—twice a day.  Alcohol dries the piercing out. If it gets too dry, it cracks and bleeds, causing the wound to remain open. Oil-based soaps are even better than using alcohol. They clean the wound, but also provide oils to soften up the healing tissue.

3. Turning the earring

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Turn it if it’s wet and you are cleaning it. If it’s dry, you have no business even touching it.

4. Be patient

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It takes a patient mentality to help piercings heal 100 per cent. Your body’s job is to get rid of foreign objects, so it’s a little bit of a dance you have to do. You must be patient and nurse it to health. Sometimes the simple things are the best: Soap and water to clean, and ice for the swelling. If you take your aftercare seriously, you’ll avoid complications.

5. If Your Piercing Is Causing Problems, Don’t Panic

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If you notice excessive swelling, redness, or radiating heat, or if the piercing is secreting fluid, don’t stress—nine out of 10 times, your piercing is only irritated and not infected. Any reputable piercer will take a look at your piercing and set your mind at ease. Never panic—worst case, just remove the jewellery. Don’t ask your friends, search online, or go to the doctor. Your piercer should be your first stop if you are the slightest bit worried. It certainly does not concern that friend of yours.



1. Jewellery

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You shouldn’t change the jewellery before the wound has fully healed, which ranges from six weeks to six months – depending on the body part.

2. Cleaning

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Even though you should take care of your piercing and clean it regularly, don’t overclean it. It will cause your skin to be constantly wet, which is a perfect place for bacteria to grow. You should also avoid applying certain beauty products, such as perfumes or lotions, to the pierced area.

3. Contact With Others

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Avoid all oral contact, rough play, and contact with others. Bodily fluids on or near your piercing delay the healing process.

4. Swimming

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Avoid submerging the piercing in unhygienic bodies of water such as lakes, pools, hot tubs, etc. Or, protect your piercing using a waterproof wound-sealant bandage.

5. Don’t Use A Piercing Gun

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Prevent infections by going to a place where the needles used in piercing are sterilized properly.


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