Lets Get Our Hands Wet Shall We? Want To Make Her Squirt? Check Out How.

Hi guys and welcome to your Sex Ed Class with Kuulpeeps and today, we are going to talk about how to make your girl squirt.Image result for black people all rise and clap gif

First of all, NOT every girl squirts but every girl is capable of squirting. General consensus seems to be that squirting or gushing is the release of some fluid during or just before orgasm. Porn would sometimes have us believe that every single woman will squirt bucketfuls approximately five seconds after some stimulation with a dildo — and, indeed, a quick search on Pornhub yields 72,541 videos listed under the search term “squirt”.

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However, all women have the inherent physical ability to ejaculate. Some women are very comfortable with this. But some women have never even had an orgasm before. It is relatively easy to help a woman squirt, if she’s already orgasmic. However, a woman who has never had an orgasm will be a much greater challenge.

Still, making your partner squirt is quite possible. It’s actually fairly easy once you’ve gotten her to do it once. And, just like everything in life – practice makes perfect.

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Our plan here is to give you some of the things you can do to potentially give your girl a squirting orgasm. However, please remember that nothing is fool-proof, and with squirting, much of it relies on her being relaxed and not overthinking things.

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1. The Pre-Game

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This is the Pre-game because its way before you guys do fore play and also before you guys even enter the bedroom. You have to stimulate your girl’s imaginations charley because women are not as visual as men. If a girl has never squirted before, you’ll have to create an incredible amount of arousal for her to do so. A great way to amplify her arousal is to begin stimulating her outside of the bedroom.

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The fact that you have to stimulate your girls mind means you have to take control. You must be the dominant male. Direct her mind towards where you want it to go. You have to lead the way. You have to tell her what to do. You have to walk like you’re the man. You have to be an alpha male! Don’t ask questions; issue commands. Now, I’m not saying be a jackass. I’m saying you need to be a firm and self-assured man.

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Next, you’ll want to ramp up the dirty talk before you get to the bedroom. You can ask what turns her on, or what her favorite position is. Whisper in her ear; say what you want to do to her later (but don’t mention squirting, yet).

You’ll also want to have your hands all over her body before you get to the bedroom. Touch her arms. Touch her legs. Slap her ass every once in a while. You can ever get a bit raunchy and finger her under a table to get her all warmed-up. Just don’t go too far…

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2. Inside The Bedroom

Now that she’s all hot, bothered and flustered, you have to take her to the bedroom right? Now, if the place isn’t neat and appealing, she’ll get dry as fast as lightning. Make sure you make a few improvements to your home. First, you need to clean your place. Keep things tidy! Women notice everything. She will notice if your place isn’t properly clean. This will not help her relax.

You’ll also want to have a way to dim your lights. Most women don’t want to have sex with the lights on. However, you don’t want things pitch-black either. Try installing a light dimmer in your bedroom. Candles can also provide good, low lighting – if placed in the right areas of the room.

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Music can also help women relax and set the mood really well. You can play smooth jazz, R & B or something similar. Don’t play a song your girl is too familiar with. You don’t want her singing the song in her head as you are probably going down on her.

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Also, make sure your fingernails are trimmed short. This is very important – You do NOT want long fingernails! Your fingers will be inside her vagina a lot. If your nails are long, they can scratch and hurt her vagina. This will NOT help her squirt.

3. Fore-Play

Now this is where you must shine. The actual technique of making her squirt revolves around foreplay. It’s much more difficult to make her squirt with your penis, unless she has squirted before. You’ve set the mood, she’s all ready for you, but you don’t go in just yet. Relaaaax. Take it easy. This can’t be a normal sexual session for her. You have to make things an experience for her. Once inside the bedroom, you must dominate her. Push her against the wall and passionately kiss her as you (lightly!) choke her. Then, throw her on the bed! Take things up a notch.

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Stick with the neck, breasts and kissing until she is writhing. You’ll need to pick up on her body language; look for the unspoken signals that she is more than ready for you to move on. This could happen quickly, or take a while. But either way don’t rush, you need her to be ready for you to move further down her body. Kiss her neck. Tease her. Get her pussy dripping wet before you even take her panties off. Once she’s ready, slowly move your hand down to her pussy. Begin to rub her clitoris, ever so gently. Then, quickly grab some lube (especially for those ladies who don’t get really wet for whatever reason). Her pussy should already be wet, but you can use the lube to increase her sensation.

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Once she is very wet, you can start fingering her. Begin to stimulate her G-spot. Insert 1 finger first, checking if she’s okay and well relaxed before you add the second finger into the vagina and make sure that they touch the front wall. Begin to stroke your fingers back and forth in a come-hither motion. Start slow and soft. Begin to build intensity by using longer and firmer strokes. After about 5-10 minutes, she should be beginning to moan, but not be orgasmic yet…

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This step is what actually makes her squirt. With your two fingers inside her, adjust your palm. You want your palm to be on top of her clitoris while your two fingers are on her G-spot. Your other hand will be on the left-middle part of her abdomen and close to her vagina – right above her pelvic bone where her hip bone starts. You’ll be pressing down with a decent amount of pressure on this part of her stomach with you hand.

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As you press down with your other hand, your palm with be on her clitoris with your fingers stimulating her G-spot. It’s like your almost cupping her vagina in your hand. Then, you begin to rapidly move your hand up and down. This allows her clit to be stimulated while still stimulating her G-spot.

Speed things up. Then, speed up some more! Eventually, you’ll be doing this movement as fast as you can. Keep going until she squirts. Don’t worry about being too rough with her vagina. That’s where babies come from – and besides, if it hurts, she’ll tell you.

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The key when helping a woman squirt is to make sure you pull up and back with your fingers while keeping contact with her clit.

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4. When She Squirts…..

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This can happen in a few ways, including:

  • sometimes around the fingers – running over them and out over your hand
  • sometimes you will feel the initial gush and when you remove the fingers the squirting will follow

5. Final Piece Of Advice

Our final piece of advice is for you to be very aware that she may need some after care.

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Her limbs might go all loose and wobbly and she would probably have trouble standing up ten minutes later. She would also probably be hyper-sensitive, and would have gotten quite dry.

At this meant she might not want you to touch her in a sexual way and would probably not want your hand near her pussy.

Charley rydee de3, you do all so just let her snuggle up next to you and stroke her butt or back (or any other part of her body) gently.

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