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Confused About What Food To Eat To Gain Weight? We’ve Sorted You Out.

Hey guys! So, last week we gave you 6 tips which would guarantee your weight gain. Missed that article? Just click here. The feedback we got from most of you indicated that you didn’t really know exactly what to eat which would help in your weight gain journey. Well, drumroll pleeease!!

By the help of Salomey Kokoro (RD rdsali Nutrition), a dietician, we got you a sample menu for a day. Whoop whoop!!

Let’s check it out!

Gaining weight requires a calorie dense diet. Small frequent meals are advised for people who have a low appetite
-Tombrown & koose
-Tea & egg omelet or bread+ groundnut paste spread
– Kenkey + Beans stew or pepper/fish/avocado
Red red & plantain (boiled)
Ampesi + kontomire/smoked fish/avocado.
Jollof + sauce + green salad/avocado
Fufu + groundnut soup/ smoked fish
Porridge + milk
Banku & Okro stew/lean chicken
Rice & fish sauce
SNACKS ( 10am & 3pm) 
Banana – 4 pieces
Adaakwa (peanut balls)
Katecake (local peanut slices)
Local calorie-dense ingredients include: groundnut, cashew, tigernuts, avocado, fish powder, beans, ‘nkatecake’, adaakwa, brukina

Although these are healthy moderation is still advised else you will end up gaining FAT instead of healthy muscles


Please note: this is just a sample menu guide. You are advised to have a proper assessment before you go on a weight gain diet. This is because your body may require more or less of what is recommended here. If you have a pre-existing medical condition you are also advised to seek the advice of your Dietitian

Written by Salomey Kokoro,RD rdsali Nutrition
IG @rdsali_nutrition

We really hope this is helpful. Keep sending your feedbacks to us.
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