Take A Look At The Most Popular Students In UENR

Meet the famous guys in UENR. These guys are known everywhere on campus because of one unique thing or the other.

You won’t get lost in UENR if you are with them. When you want your brand to sell, make one of them your ambassador and you won’t regret it.

Benjamin Ofoe is a level 400  student

Gideon Koranteng Amo popularly known as Bantama. A level 400 Resource Enterprise and Entrepreneurship student.

Eijay is a level 400 lady. We know this lady here for her singing and her guitar prowess too. Isn’t that cute…She doesn’t talk much but she is everywhere. She took part in the ongoing Vodafone icons and represented Dansoman.


Lisa is a level 300 lady and she is well known because of her complexion. Lisa is a Computer Engineering student.

Julius Tampa is a level 300 Environmental Engineering student. He is well known as Fante Van Dam or Exodus.


Kodzoenam a level 400 guy who is always seen playing musical instruments This guy is multitalented.

Kwadwo Yeboah Murdock. He is the current SRC President for UENR and is popular for hosting most UENR events.

Peter Pryme as known on campus is a level 400 student. He is popular for the fact that he was running for SRC president.

Ama Adobea is a level 400 Information Technology student. She is well known on campus for her curves. She has it all.

Africa is a level 300 guy. He is known for his skills in playing volleyball and he is also an OAP on Greena Fm.

Andy Selasi Ivor is a level 300 guy popularly known for his basketball skills and his height. This guy is tall.

Dennis Owusu Amponsah is a level 300 Entrepreneurship student.

Henry Ashitey.(Khay_Lho).You cant be in UENR and not know Khay lho. He is an Environmental Engineering.


Prince Timinka is a level 400 Electrical Engineering student. This guy can convince the whole school to meet for prayers.

Boateng Philip Nana Bediako is a level 400 student offering computer engineering. He is popularly known as Nana_B. He is a very good rapper.

George, popularly known as Tw3l33 is a Computer Engineering Student in level 400.

Miriam Yoda is a Level 200 student offering Hospitality Management

Odiade ADJEI Seli Kofi is a level 400 student. His voice is from Heaven.

We don’t mind adding up if you think this list is incomplete. Just let us know in the comment section.


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