Did Your Glo Up Take Too Long? Here Are 8 Experiences Only Late Bloomers Will Relate To

Growing up was hard for some of us. It literally made high school and even primary school unbearable! This post is for the late bloomers… yeah the ones who were last in line when God was sharing the puberty characteristics you studied in the social studies class.

You have a time log of all your friends in your memory

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You were all your friends’ secret box and to be honest, you loved being the one who heard everything cos your life was pretty boring anyway. You always knew their crushes, their first kiss, the first time they even got their boobs touched…all the action!

When your friends are chatting about experiences…you don’t have

Now that you’re all grown up and glo’d up with actual friends, whenever you meet up to have a sitting to just chill, you find yourself doing what you used to do when you were gangly looking and still tiny…listening intently and genuinely looking shocked at the stories being swapped around the room.

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You were shocked when you found out people were getting kissed and doing the sex!

The first time you found out the age some of your friends had their first crush and even lost their virginity, you were like…

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Looks like while you were busy watching Captain Planet and acting out Power Rangers at home, others were out there getting kissed and pleasantly manhandled.

You found solace in nerd-dom

You definitely got called a nerd and it wasn’t a choice! You had to channel your energy into books and comics and cartoons among others cos you probably would have been having adventures and grinding people at funfairs too if you looked anything like your other classmates: tall, with a deepening voice or if you’re female, boobs and broad hips.

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All your crushes just wanted to be friends

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God, it was so hard trying to get closer to your crush because they either embarrass you or they just make you their best friend and kill you softly with their hopeless crushes.

Your first date wasn’t until Senior High School or Uni…

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…because that’s when you were looking good enough to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. At least this time, the boobs had come and for the guys, the height and the voice had come small with some sexy beard to seal the deal.

At some point, you wondered if you were normal or even sick

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Like… was anything wrong with you? Your peers were having their periods and something called cramps and the only thing you were feeling in your stomach was hunger. For guys, I’m sure you thought you were a girl cos every guy was suddenly talking deeper and yours was still like the squeals of a little girl.

You probably stuffed bras

For the girls who couldn’t stand not having their boobs poking out, it’s okay to admit that there were times you went to school with a bra stuffed with something to make it look like you had boobs.

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But you know the greatest feeling?

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…when your mates see you and go like ”whoa!! is that really you?” looking all fly with a full beard and packs and somehow, your growth spurt found its way to you and now you’re a good 6 feet tall!!! Feels good huh? Oohh and the ladies! all of a sudden, all your crushes are suddenly lying about crushing on you back then and wanna hook up.

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