Apple To Release 70 New Emoji With The Release Of iOS 12.1

iPhone users!

This is for you.

Apple is releasing more than 70 new emoji with the release of iOS 12.1, which arrives today for the developer and public beta channels, and will hit everyone else’s iPhones in the coming weeks.

In the new collection are some much-needed additions, including a bagel emoji, a llama one, and a skateboard option, all of which are in accordance with the Unicode Consortium’s 11.0 set standardized back in February. (Unicode establishes standards for emoji to be used across device types and operating systems, and software makers like Apple tailor specific emoji to fit its design needs and whims.)

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With regards to representation, Apple’s new emoji collection includes options for bald people, curly-haired people, and those with mustaches, first previewed back in July on World Emoji Day, per TechCrunch. Notably, red and grey-haired emoji are also entering the mix to account for those who’ve been left out of emoji options in the past. Apple says it’s also working with Unicode to “add more disability-themed emoji to the keyboard for Unicode 12.0, slated for release in 2019,” so that will be nice to see come next year.

source: theverge

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