UDS: Allow Us Introduce To You The Types Of Guys You Are Bound To Meet On Campus

There are different types of boys in the world but when it comes to UDS/TLC be rest assured, this is all you would find.

The Chrife boys

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Yeah, we know you anticipated these kinda guys. They are everywhere, trust me. More like omnipresent, lol. But then they are at the top of the list coz, these are the very first people you would meet as a fresher. These guys are always neatly dressed, with very calm and gentle looks. Most of them have nicknames like Bishop, Apostle, Man of God and  all those God-affiliated names you can think about. These niggas have their hyper moments or should we say nigga moments where whenever two or three chrife boys meet, there would be yelling of names, tongue utterances and quite rarely, some intermittent leaping.

The ball gbees

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Charlie if you think your football days ended in your JHS or SHS, we suggest you rethink. The campus always finds a way to rejuvenate your lost love for football. Weird right?? For these kinda guys, they love everything football, it’s all they ever think and speak of. It’s always soccer over everything. Identifying a ball gbeee is quite simple, just get your self a ball gbee meter (ball) and by their actions, you shall know them… lol Eiii UDS fuor p3 ball

Game boys

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This is more like a confirmatory test. If they aren’t there, then this ain’t UDS. These niggas are on every UDS campus. Knowing them isn’t that much of a task. To the fine fine girls, don’t bother knowing them cos they will know you just like Abraham knew Sarah. These guys like everything flashy, from the latest iPhones,to dreadlocks, to colourful designer shirts and shoes, rings, motorbikes and Elantras. They are just showoffs.

Fine boys

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Now, a lot of boys are in this category. UDS boys are just too fine…The ladies know them. Oh yeah, they are narcissists but we love them. All that matters is, the ladies go gaga over us on sight 😁… We dwell on attention and recognition.

September rushers

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These niggas be doing the most. They live for September 😂. They are never satisfied with what they have and it’s just in their DNA to rush every September. These are very fine boys who report to school even before the freshers. They pretend to be rendering help to the freshers just so they can spot the fine ones and switch to predator mode. So be careful out there freshers, not everyone out there is there to help. These guys are good looking, dress to impress and most of them are dosted.

The Party boys

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They will miss lectures, miss church, even miss their birthdays but never a party. You never know the course they are offering till the day of exams 😂.

Every single party on campus, they are there some. Never miss out on an opportunity for a good grind and a possible one night stand… These niggas really know how to shada and just how to sweet talk a lady… They are bosses in their field.  A round of applause for the legends 👏 ✊.

Ampukyekye boys

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Predators papa paa. They eat everything some, everything in skirt I mean. There’s no such thing as ‘reject’ in their dictionary. From the fattest to the skinniest, prettiest to the ugliest, the abled to the disabled, they eat all!! Everything goes and all that matters is the tonga… It’s quite difficult to identify these guys.

Swag boys

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Fashion boys. Everything fashion, they know! They are the guys with the cool kicks, bags, watches, and cool hairstyles. They are just guy…

Mr Muscle

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If we were to work out our salvation, these dudes would be the first to heaven.  Their wildest fantasy is a gym for a home😂😂. All they ever talk about is working out, lifting metals, arms, chest, packs eeiii these boys just make the other guys feel inferior!! But it’s well with our souls. You find them taking pictures of their body, taking videos of their sessions, and wearing tank tops. They are showoffs. Then dey bore we pass..


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The Weirdos. All they know is books and studies. They mostly have no social life and struggle to fit in. Their sense of humour is strange, they don’t really shada, and having a girlfriend is the last on their list. They’re also very quiet and reserved. Count yourself lucky if you find yourself sitting beside one during an exam.heeheee.

So to our dear freshers, lemme leave you with this very famous quote on campus,  always remember “garcon, garcon ce n’est pas famille”. which simply means that “boys boys aren’t family

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