It’s Divine Being A Woman And All But Sometimes, Women Really Envy These Things About Men

The last time, we snuck into guys’ brains to find out what they envied about women

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This time,  let’s take a look into the woman’s mind. What is it about men that women wish they could have too?

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The pissing issue

Ladies, y’all know how you can get stuck somewhere and you really really need to pee but you can’t because you’d have to find a washroom, risk infection, squat and pee and if you aren’t near a washroom, forget it…you’d need a whole bush, five girls and a cloth to shield you while you pee. But guyssss!! Y’all just whip it out and shove it back in quickly.

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No stress, super convenient…God bless the d**k!

Nothing to wear? Ha!

We bet you guys never go through the “I have nothing to wear” problem.

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Party? Pull on a shirt and jeans. Wedding? Yeah you can pull of that shirt and jeans. Fancy ass dinner date? You’d be surprised what the jeans and shirt would do! But women on the other hand… we gotta have a little black dress, jeans, skirts, fancy clothes, heels, flats and a piece of the devil’s soul, for fashion’s sake! Sighh 

No monthly subscriptions

Life must be easy for guys you know…going about your business every day without having to worry about that time of the month! No cramps, no…’‘whoops surprise! There’s blood on your skirt’‘.


Must be nice.

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Saving more money cos there’s no make-up or wigs to buy

Guys!! Y’all need some accolades, walking around with crooked sandpaper-like faces every day for the rest of your lives! You’re the real MVPs carrying your flaws like a champ! I mean, how normal is it for a guy with a valley on his head to wear a wig? He’d be mocked, unlike women who are moving around with solutions for every flaw they think they have.

Take your accolades men!

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Bros before hoes

How do you guys remain friends after throwing punches in each other’s faces? Your jaws will be all smashed in 5 minutes later, you’re having a drink and patting each other on the back like ”Bro!!” What’s the secret? Cos girls will be holding grudges for years and they don’t even know why they’re fighting!

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Hoe Hoe Hoe

Guys can be hoes all they want and it’s ”wow ma guy you’re a chick magnet!” and ”Sensei, teach me your ways bruh!” But the minute a woman does same, she’s a hoe! Well, y’all are hoes too men! We’d call it what it is! Shame!!! but yeah, ladies envy that a lot. The fact that you guys are conditioned to worship your sexual tools while women are taught to hide it and keep it under lock and key…

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If we could, just for one day…but alas! we are who we are so let’s just love ourselves and embrace who we are and live life!

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