UDS: Take 100 Girls On Campus And About 70 Percent Are In These Categories

After 3 years of Senior High School, you’ve finally made it into the big league, University! Congratulations!

Different people are in here for different reasons and with different goals and we are pretty sure you came here with yours too. Yeah, but no matter how much you try to live your life and graduate peacefully, there’s one thing you’re bound to notice in the university – The types of women! Lol…before you start girl hopping in your adventurous quest for love, take your pen and paper out and take note about the types of women you’re likely to find on UDS campus.

We start with the famous slay queens.

There’s no university without them. If there’s one without them then its not a university, it’s still SHS. 2000gh Brazilian hair, high waist jeans with the crop top, 3000gh MK bag, eyelashes and nails etc, yeah that’s your slay queen. The backbone of fleek. Word to our young kings out there, If you have you don’t have then money forget. They are really high maintenance and if pocket no good hide your face

On to the next one. The Spirito/ chrife girls.


Another type the university can’t do without. Do you want to be with a girl like this? Then get yourself involved in the church. It’s not always the case though. After all, people are different

Our very dbee girls.

What you go show them. They have everything you can think of giving them. From car to clothes to everything you can think of. She doesn’t need your money for anything. Girls like these pick their own boys so don’t stress yourself impressing her with money. Go the extra mile

Shout out to our dearly loved positive girls.

How can we forget you? You’re most likely to find at every party and event. No! they are not easy to get because a lot of boys are after them but play your cards right and she’s yours.

The friend zoning girls too are there ….low key.

Try to move to them and they will find a nice way to friendzone you. “Oh, we are just friends oo.” If you’re not lucky you might even enter the brother zone- trust me there’s no return from there. Just know that while you’re being friend zoned, someone else is playing his cards right.


There are so many girls you would meet in your stay at the university. They all come with different personalities unique in their own way. Some turn out to be best friends for life while you might experience rough times with some. Get to know them for yourself, you might never know, your soul mate might be amongst one of them.

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