Show The French Boys How It’s Done! Call Your Fine Boys And Girls’ Squad And Join The #KupeChallenge

Over the weekend, a particular video caught the world’s eye and it’s since gone viral as it should, cos Gaaaad the video is fire!!

Like God is some amazing man, making beautiful young men like this!!

Every lady’s gone pregnant after seeing this video and most guys are surprisingly a bit irritated but lol why you mad tho??

But ladies…do y’all care?

Image result for lmao hell no gif

Others have started the Kupe challenge and to be honest, none are at the same level as the original Kupe boys!

Take a look at these guys from Ghana…

Well these guys were so positive, they killed it!

and these ones too…just look at them!

But the fine ass girls who joined in the challenge tho!!!

Look at these pretty girls from South Africa!

And these ones from Nigeria making the guys pregnant too!!

Told y’all the ladies switched up the Kupe Challenge! Look at these beauties from Chicago!

If you know your squad is fine, join in the #KupeChallenege, get the song (Kupe Dance) and let those French boys know that y’all got the sauce too!!

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