Meet Director RQA, A KNUST Student Into Video Directing

It is not everyday making music or taking splendid shots, sometimes a little change in motion is perfect. Everyone knows how directing can be stressful! ‘ Please move left’, ‘ Please stand still’, ‘Oh I thought I told you to do this’. Challlleeeeyyy, it’s not easy o.

We found this really cute director and had a little chat with him


KuulpeepsKNUST: Who is DirectorRQA?

DirectorRQA: Director RQA is a Ghanaian based director who has the new found love for visuals production /filming and is passionate about it. He lives in Tema, com.8 to be precise. A student of the department of INDUSTRIAL ART of KNUST and an old boy of Ghana Secondary Technical School, Takoradi.

KuulpeepsKNUST: What are your basics? What exactly do you do as a director?

DirectorRQA: I direct, I am a DOP (director of photography), I edit and I write concept script for every project I do be it a music video, documentary or a commercial

KuulpeepsKNUST: When did you get this interest in directing?

DirectorRQA: it was around last year before summer and I started with YouTube tutorials until I saw a few apps on the internet that can help me make or create short or long visuals

KulpeepsKNUST: What are some of the stuff you’ve directed so far?

DirectorRQA: I’ve directed at the moment two videos, one for Kwame Dabie and Obey

KulpeepsKNUST: Why directing? Is it less stressful?

DirectorRQA:  It’s not less stressful and it takes more time especially if what you planned initially changes on set. Why directing? Because it’s something I feel within and it’s full of positivity that’s why. I keep learning things about production anytime I come across any material.

KulpeepsKNUST: Are there any challenges you face?

DirectorRQA: A lot

KulpeepsKNUST: And how do you manage them?

DirectorRQA: I lay back, equip myself more, tackle every challenge with humility and help from other friends on set or offset.

KulpeepsKNUST: How will you describe the social relationship between you and the people around you, more like the environment you find yourself in?

DirectorRQA: Real recognize real

KulpeepsKNUST: Wow! Deep emotions in such a brief statement. Is there anyone you look up to?

DirectorRQA: Yeah…David Nicole Sey, Lex McCarthy, GYO, Director Abass, Prince Dovlo, Yaw Skyface, Daps, Sesan and Clarence Peters

KulpeepsKNUST: Do you have a girlfriend? Or the call out ad just got published?

DirectorRQA: I prefer not to say it. I don’t give out details about my personal life.

KulpeepsKNUST: Do you see yourself 5 years from now as a full-time Director or you have other plans?

DirectorRQA: Full time if it’s God’s will🙏🏿

KulpeepsKNUST: Impressive. Thanks for having us

DirectorRQA: You are welcome….


 The links to some of the videos I have directed so far :





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