To Be As Smooth And Fresh Like Freshboi Arnold, You Need To Have These All The Time

Remember the fine guy we introduced to you? The one who sings for the angels to pause and say wow?!

Wait you don’t remember? Nahh refresh your memory quickly here: Guys, Hold On To Your Girls Cos The New Trey Songz Is Here!

The fine brother from Nigeria promises to add a breath of fresh air to the Ghanaian music industry and we are so ready for it. Now we know he loves black, thinks his mother raised a superstar and a whole lot but we were verrryyy curious about something in particular. What does a young fine talented guy like him have with him always? a charm maybe? a little tube of magical liquid that keeps his voice silky smooth? what?! So well…we asked him and he told us the 5 things he feels disabled without.

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His Phone because that piece of technology is like a lifeline charley!

Image result for phone addiction gif

His shoes because he loves to look dapper

Image result for dapper shoes gif

Some sweet fragrance because he knows it’s very important to smell good cos well, ladies love a guy who smells good right?

Image result for i smell good gif

Money cos how do you survive without some mula??

Image result for cash gif

And because he’s got a brilliant mother, he always makes sure he’s got all his manners and his home training intact so you never catch him in a messy situation.

A king!! Follow him on IG: @officialArnoldFresh

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