Not To Disturb Your Carter V listening But…Here’s A Reminder That Kanye Is Dropping Another Album Tomorrow

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We admit it…we temporarily forgot about Kanye and his new album the minute Lil Wayne confirmed and released his album, Carter V.

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But Kanye subtly reminded us when he tweeted and acknowledged the Carter V:

Yeezus has been hard at work this year, releasing a joint album with Kid Cudi, months before his own album and now his second album is pending just a couple of months after the first two.

The album has been named Yandhi and y’all are probably wondering what it even means. The word Yandhi is actually a combination of ‘Ye’ (Kanye) and ‘Ghandi’ and looks like he’s ready to take over as some sort of god because, remember the Yeezus album? The one where Christians went crazy over cos it was ‘Ye’ and ‘Jesus’ put together?

Kanye shared a 3D holographic version of the YANDHI album art and in as much as we were thinking ”woow this is so cool!!”. we also noticed that it was very similar to the 2013 YEEZUS album art.

Makes you wonder…is there going to be a Yeallah sometime?

The album will be featuring members of the G.O.O.D Music and also has a feature with the late XXXtentacion, the very controversial 6inx9ine and maybe Chance The Rapper as the two have been rumored to be working on an album together.



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