Legon: Want To Know More About The New Transport Service On Campus?? Read This.

If you take shuttles, you will know that lately, if you are not fast, you will walk to main campus. However, we told you about some good news bi. Do you remember Ghroupdrive??

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KuulpeepsLegon: Can you begin by telling us about Ghroupdrive Limited?

Gilles Ametepe: Ghroupdrive Limited is an IT providing company, which develops IT platforms to solve transportation and technology problems. The company’s leading service is the Ghroupdrive app, which is a transportation app for university campuses. All you have to do is to download the app on your phone and book a private car for transportation on campus.

KuulpeepsLegon: How have students responded to Ghroupdrive so far?

Gilles Ametepe: We are now kick-starting operations and the feedback has been amazing. Interestingly, we are coming at quite a strategic time when there is a real need for innovative and diverse solutions for transportation on campus, and that is what sets us apart.

KuulpeepsLegon: How does it work on campus? Just in case someone wants to try it, could you give the steps to book a drive?

Gilles Ametepe: The key thing to do is to download the app, which is available on Playstore or App store. Once you download the app and sign up, you can search for a ride anywhere on campus. There are many students who drive on campus going your direction and we are working on bringing them all on-board. For students who drive on campus, we encourage them to reach out to us, we have a great offer for them.

KuulpeepsLegon: How did you come into contact with Ghroupdrive?

Gilles Ametepe: Last year, when I was UG French Club President, we were looking for sponsors for an end of year programme. We contacted Ghroupdrive for sponsorship. After the whole program, we had a conversation. They had not been very much rooted here on campus and were looking for someone to spearhead their activities on campus. They got me on board as the Head of Public Relations and Community Lead with the University of Ghana as my field of operations.

KuulpeepsLegon: Ghroupdrive is here to stay. How far does it intend to go?

Gilles Ametepe: We’re kick-starting with the app on Legon campus. We are heading towards getting across Ghana and working towards becoming the leading made-in-Ghana transportation app.

Even though that’s what we’re known for, for now, there are other services that we provide. The focus right now is on transportation. We aim at covering every single corner of Ghana. From Ghana, we take over Africa. We believe Ghana is a big market enough. It’s possible and we’re going to work hard for it.

KuulpeepsLegon: Before we end this session, please tell us who Gilles Ametepe is?

Gilles Ametepe: Gilles Ametepe is a level 400 Political Science and French student of the University of Ghana, a Public Relations and Branding Strategist for Student-led and Campus-Based Organisations. Currently, I’m the Head of Communications and Media for the Ghana International Model United Nations and also the Community Lead and Head of Public Relations for Ghroupdrive Ltd. I believe that everything can be marketed, all that matters is the promise behind it.

I’ve been very much involved in student politics, serving as an SRC Committee Head, SRC General Assembly Member, UG French President, NUGS Greater Accra Press and Information Secretary and currently, the Speaker of Jean Nelson Aka Hall Parliament.

I am gradually carving a niche for myself in PR works on campus but that’s no cause for alarm, because I remain ”Politically yours”.

KuulpeepsLegon: Great! Thanks for your time.

Gilles Ametepe: Thank You too.

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