Lil Wayne Officially Announced The Release Date Of ‘Carter V’ And It’s Way Closer Than You Think!

You know how in cartoons someone gets so hungry that they start to see every object as food? 

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Yeah, that’s what happened to Lil Wayne fans last week. We’ve been left to starve for Weezy music for so long that when someone (we still don’t know who) whispered that Tha Carter V will be released last weekend, we were all ecstatic!!! I don’t know about y’all but we barely slept waiting for it to drop “at midnight”

It never dropped. 




Everyone thought that Weezy had played us big time but…yesterday, he took time to get a video of himself basically saying “Hey guys, chill! I dunno who told you about last week but…guys relax! Tha Carter V will be out in my birthday”

Image result for lil wayne birthday

He basically said that about 4 times so yeah you know it’s true.

We took his advice, went on Wikipedia and… drumroll…

His birthday and the album release date is  27th September

We don’t know about you but we are going to binge listen to all of his songs just to set the mood…

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