Ever Heard Of Natural Light Photography? Meet Kobby Bentxil, A Natural Light Photographer At Methodist University.

Undoubtedly, photography is now the present and the possible future!

A whole lot of message is passed through photography. The ones that make us “awwww” and the ones that make us teary! In all photography has become a powerful tool in this modern age.

This young man is doing amazing with his photography on Methodist University campus and beyond! We caught up with him and he gave us a snoop on how everything started and so on. Watch this space!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Hey what’s up?

Bentxil shots: Hey I’m good

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Who are we interacting with, can you tell us briefly about yourself?

Bentxil Shots: I’m Kobby Bentxil, a Natural Light Photographer!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Who is a natural light photographer? What does he do?

Bentxil Shots: A natural light photographer mostly uses natural light in the shooting. Basically, we depend on natural lights!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: You mentioned mostly yeah? What other means of light do you use in photography?

Bentxil Shots: Flashlights. We have photographers who use flashlights even when the natural daylight (sun) is up

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Oh alright. Is it because the pictures do not come out as expected?

Bentxil shots: Depends on how you want your pictures. None of the two ways are bad but you decide on what you want. Some do both.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Interesting… Bentxil Is really your surname?

Bentxil shots: Yeah. It was Bentum but I had to change it.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Alright. Have you always wanted to do photography?

Bentxil shots: No, please. It wasn’t part of my priorities

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Whoooah, for real? We’ve heard countless times from other photographers that they’ve always wanted to go into it. What makes your situation different? So then how did it all come about?

Bentxil shots: I was more into filmmaking. I bought my first camera because of filmmaking. Just that the people I brought to my inner circle were not really focused. So I decided to try photography in the meantime cause it doesn’t require lots of people. That’s why I loved natural light because I could go for shoots alone.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Errm… which people are you exactly referring to? Actors? Crew?

Bentxil shots: Yeah both. They made it look like I was forcing them.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Oh okay. Presently do you still shoot alone?

Bentxil shots: Not anymore.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: You’ve got a reliable crew now?

Bentxil shots: Yeah, for photography. Not filmmaking.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: That’s okay. Which impels you more, The money or the passion?

Bentxil shots: Both but the money overcomes the passion.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Lol man must survive at the end of the day erh?

Bentxil shots: lol yeah

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: You didn’t add this when you introduced yourself but we want to know the course you offer? And what level you are in as well?

Bentxil shots: IT, Level 400.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Holl’up man! Ever taken any course in photography or filmmaking?

Bentxil shots: No, please.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: So how have you got that flair for it? It seems so effortless for you.

Bentxil shots: I loved what I was doing from the beginning. That made me spend more time in practicing it one day at a time.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Interesting…So how long have you been into photography?

Bentxil shots: Two years. I’ve been shooting for four months now

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Inspiring huh! When did you develop that interest in it?

Bentxil shots: Errrrrrm beginning of this year. That’s when I got involved.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Oh really?! What then inspires you when you go out to shoot?

Bentxil shots: I learn new things when I shoot so I sometimes walk around (street photography ) and I gave a name to that. I call it “Iwalk” which means Inspirational walk. I got these pictures though “Iwalk”.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Very nice. I like the whole landscape concept going on here!

Bentxil shots: Thank you.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Could you tell us some of the people you’ve done shot?

Bentxil shots: For people in the limelight I’ve shot Juliet Ibrahim and Anna Maria(4syte’s official presenter). For normal people…a whole lot.  On campus, for instance, I shot Boahemaa once as well a level 400 girl called Hajarat

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What’s your social media handle?

Bentxil shots: Bentxil_shots on Instagram

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: How affordable are your services?

Bentxil shots: That’s my quotation

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What happens to the IT? Are you gonna take it on the side or you’re going to scrap it and do full-time photography?

Bentxil shots: It depends what happens after this year. Got plans for photography before this year ends, so if it works out then I’ll consider taking it up full time.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: There are a lot of people doing what you do. How do you deal with competition?

Bentxil shots: I work extra hard and I stay in my lane

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What do you do for fun apart from photography?

Bentxil shots: I watch movies

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Thanks for your time man. You’ve got anything you wanna say finally?

Bentxil shots: I need everyone to know that I’m just getting started. I have a lot coming

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: That’s what’s up!

Yeah, amazing photography! You can hit him up too for business lol.

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