ATU: Meet Styla, One Of ATU’s Eclectic Artiste

When pure talent is identified, it needs to be appreciated and encouraged.

That is why we want you to get to know this amazing talent from the Accra Technical University.

KuulpeepsATU spoke to an upcoming artiste Sampson Fiifi Apreku popularly know as Styla and he gave us some insight into his personal life.

KuulpeepsATU: How are you doing Styla?

Styla: Doing cool just normal vibe.

KuulpeepsATU: Before we start why the name Styla?

Styla: Ok so first of all, the origin of the Styla itself is weird but I actually took Styla because I felt my love for art was growing each day

KuulpeepsATU: Ok that’s pretty cool

KuulpeepsATU: So how did you get into singing and rapping?

Styla: I’m actually from a Family where I think everyone is kind of so much into the love of music. So I was actually growing up listening to a whole a lot of music.

  • Mom enjoying the Gospel
  • Dad feeling the Reggae
  • My siblings into the whole Hip life things.

KuulpeepsATU: Talking about siblings, how many siblings do you have?

Styla: am the last of six siblings. So in all we 7.

KuulpeepsATU: Then you really enjoying life.

Styla: Yes, but I do all the work too.

KuulpeepsATU: How many males and females?

Styla: 3 females 4 Males.

KuulpeepsATU: Can I get one of the girl’s number??

Styla: Lol. Don’t worry we will talk about that later.

KuulpeepsATU: Sure moving into other matters. I learned you are a member of Echo House ATU. Am I right?

Styla: Yes. I’m actually the Assistant General Manager for Echo House ATU.

KuulpeepsATU: Interesting. Can you tell us a little about Echo House ATU??

Styla: Nice. So Echo House is a 360 marketing agency which helps brands to reach their target through the digital way. They just don’t aid in developing brands they also educate the youth and the old on what social media is all about be the advantages and disadvantages.
And oh yeah when it comes to event organizing they are “numero uno” from setup to the climax, they are always on point. So Atu Being a Chapter, We help spread and Reach out to the students on Campus and others on social media.

KuulpeepsATU: Interesting. So back to music, for most of our readers who haven’t heard of your music before, describe your music in 4 words for them to understand your genre of music.

Styla: Hip-hop, Afrobeat, Good and positive music.

KuulpeepsATU: Okay, so if I’m to go through your phone right now what five songs will I see in your recently played list.


1.DAPPY-Good Intentions

2.JoeyB.-Stables ft. la meme gang

3.Medikal-How much

4.Kwesi Arthur-Grind Day Remix ft. Medikal and Sarkodie

RJZ ft. Mac M.-Not Yours

KuulpeepsATU: So what five things can’t you live without?

Styla: Wild Question.

  1. Love
  2. Family
  3. Music
  4. Food
  5. Sound sleep

KuulpeepsATU: Where do you get your inspirations from when writing?

Styla: My inspiration comes from a lot of things. A beat can inspire me, even a little Advice from anyone inspires too but on a real, some of my greatest inspirations come from;

  1. God
  2. Preachers. Urban Gospel Artiste
  3. Medikal
  4. Joey b
  5. Sarkodie

KuulpeepsATU: So where do you see yourself in five years

Styla: Rocking all the big stages in Ghana and the world

KuulpeepsATU: Where can our readers and your fans get your music?

Styla: Styla is now rebranded. So I’m actually into the release of Freestyle Videos for now and Ditching music recording for 2 months. So after November, all information will be on my twitter and Instagram Handles.

  • Twitter: @FiifiStyla
  • IG: @Stylasam

KuulpeepsATU: Thanks for your time Styla!

Hey Peeps, you heard it all. Check out some of his freestyle.

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