TTU: Facial Flaws? Here Are Remedies For A Smooth Face.

We are finally settled in school. We have got our eyes on possible new plus ones, but there is a problem, your face.
Our faces go through a lot during and after puberty. Some of us are lucky to survive and get occasional reminders. Few are blessed enough to go their whole life without a tiny pimple, do they drink different water? The unlucky ones have to live their life with acne, sad.
Below are some simple natural inexpensive skin care routines for all skin types.

Honey is the Beyoncé of the beauty world, she has been around for ages and still runs the world (pun intended).

Honey serves many purposes, it is delicious, used to cook, it can be used as an exfoliator, scar fader, moisturizes our cuticles, hair conditioner and can even help attain pink lips.

With relations to acne and or pimples, honey is an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce redness and swelling. It also keeps the skin well-hydrated.

Simply apply raw honey on your acne or pimple breakout and rinse off after 15 minutes. Continue until results show. Usually takes 7 to 14 days depending on your skin type.

Bonus point: Mix honey and brown sugar and apply on your lips. Gently massage in an inward way with your finger or brush.

Wash off or lick (its basically a sweet) after 5 minutes. It helps exfoliate your lips and you get your pink lip gains.


Lime is easily one of the cheapest fruits to buy in town. Luckily also one that has most benefits. It cures dark spots, acne and pimples, has anti-aging properties, gives glowing skin and even treats dandruff among other things.

Acne and pimples are caused when dirt, oil and dead skin cells clog our pores.

Prepare a lime and honey face mask, squeeze lime into a cup of honey. Apply mixture unto your face and leave till it dries.

Bonus Point: Anti-aging properties.

Simply peel of the lime and scrub your face with it. It will itch but its going to work.


Coconut oil is mostly associated with hair although it has a whole lot of other uses.

This skin care routine is very simple, simply apply coconut oil to your face and let dry. Not only does it smell good but makes your skin hydrated.

Natural Skin Cosmetics


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Stick to these pointers and your face will be gleaming with perfection in no time.

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