6 Tips Which Will Guarantee Your Weight Gain!

Are you an ectomorph? Lol. You probably don’t even know what it means.

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You don’t weigh a lot but the thing is you think you eat a lot; you just can’t seem to gain weight.

You’re ready to build some muscle and start feeling better about yourself but sadly, you have no freaking clue as to what to do. Some people are actually envious of your fast metabolism but Charley, this isn’t what you even want.

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Lol. Don’t worry about it anymore! Your fitness advisers are here to help you out. Check out 6 ways to gain weight.

1. Eat a lot!

Lol. You probably weren’t expecting this point but yes. You have to eat more. You think you already eat a lot but nope. Try and double it. This is going to be difficult for a while because your body isn’t used to eating this much food. It also means you’ll have to force yourself to eat even when you’re not hungry. 500 extra calories a day = 1 extra pound gained per day which means that if you add a pound each day, you would gain 7 pounds in a week. Whatever you’re eating now, add an additional 500-1000 calories (spread throughout the day).


2. Having an efficient diet plan

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The fact that we said you should eat a lot does not mean you should just eat anything at all. Depending on how skinny you are, you would have to eat a ridiculous amount of calories to gain a substantial amount of weight. What you should take note of is that the calorie intake should be good. If you keep taking in fries, burgers, fizzy drinks and the likes, your body will hate you and you won’t put on muscle.  You want good muscle made of carbs, proteins, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables to help provide nutrients.

3. Increase the amount of protein intake

Don’t think so far about the protein you need. Chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk, and beans are some that you get around very easily. You can also make use of protein shakes.

4. Carbs are your friend

Rice, yam, potatoes, and others can help you gain weight. Also, as previously stated, every meal should have vegetables when possible so your body can properly manage all those calories as they move through your body. In addition to carbs, eating lots of nuts (high calorie, high fat), as well as using healthy oils in your cooking and eating (coconut oil, olive oil) can easily help you reach your caloric goals too.

5. Keep track of everything you eat

You have to track every meal you eat. The only way to know if you’re eating enough calories, enough protein, and enough carbs is if you track your calories and progress and then make adjustments. Once you start to get a good feel for how many calories you eat each day, try to eat the same meals to keep it easy. If the scale is moving up, keep doing what you’re doing. If the scale isn’t moving, EAT MORE!

6. Light exercises

Up until this point we’ve only spoken about eating; its time for exercise! I know some of you have been trying to avoid this point but….

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Lol. Okay sooooo, the thing is, if you don’t exercise, you’re just building fat and not muscle which isn’t healthy. Some may ask themselves why they need to do the exercises and yet they are focusing on gaining weight. Know that as long you are keen on what to eat to gain weight fast, exercising will also increase the likelihood of your realizing your goal.

We really hope this helps you with your weight gain journey. Don’t forget. If you’re ever unsure if you’ve eaten enough that day, eat more!

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