UEW: Hey Peeps, Here’s Help On How To Choose An Outfit For Steeze III

It’s almost  Time for the biggest party in school, the Steeze III party.

If you didn’t know, Steeze is an abbreviation of Style With Ease. So, here are a few tips on how to pick your style.

First, what kind of outfit do you really feel comfortable in?  Do you prefer skirts, straight dresses, shorts or trousers?  Do you like your dresses long or short?  Would you rather wear heels or sneakers?

Let’s make it work for everyone.

1. Shorts

shorts can be complemented with heels/sneakers


For Steeze, it’s best to wear short dresses with heels, flat shoes or sneakers.

3. Skirts

4. Trousers

You’re gonna have to make sure what you’re wearing isn’t too tight. Things could go really bad if you break a zip by accident.

If you love to dance, make sure your makeup is strong enough to hold your sweat, or better still, going Alicia Keys isn’t a bad idea at all.

if you choose to wear heels, be sure not to dance too much to cause your heel to break. Sneakers that fit you perfectly are best for dancing.


Remember that this is just a guide, you don’t need the exact same outfit in the pictures.

If you do too check out @reydenspieces on Instagram for your affordable outfits, peeps!

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