Everyone’s Going Crazy Over Jada Pinkett Smith’s IG Post But We Found Something Else In The Post

Last night Jada Pinkett Smith posted a picture and we went into a seizure like we automatically fainted.

Talk about beautiful genes… have you heard the saying “pictures can tell a thousand words”?

Below is a picture of the Smith family; well its 3 generations of women. In the picture is Jada Pinket -Smith, her mother, and her daughter Willow Smith; okay just look at the picture below and get your generational life!!!…

Talk about body goals!!!… Put the chips down and tell us what you see in this picture. Because we see a lot of things in this picture;


Below are some of the things we noticed in this picture.

First of all, we are officially naming them the family of abs. Even Grandma is killing it! Her abs look the best out of all of them like imagine!!!.

But besides the obvious which is the fact that they look beautiful; Willow Smith is still using an iPhone 6; shocking right? Yea we thought so too.

It is shocking because Willow can afford 100 iPhone Xs but sis is not bothered by society or pressure…. she is rich af with an outdated phone, can we say the same about some of us that are poor but yet chasing the latest gadgets in town? Selling your bodies just to get the latest phone?

But its life abi? To each his own…

You can share with us what else you see in this picture


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