TTU: Meet NKB, The Hyper-Realist Artist Whose Works Would Trick Your Eyes

Art is a way of life, a means of expressing one’s innermost feelings, secrets, passions and imaginative creativity.
Today a lot of people identify as artists, be it in any field they find themselves in.
Art in Takoradi Technical University is mostly associated with students from the Faculty of Applied Arts and we unveil  an exceptional artist most of us haven’t heard off.

Meet Nana Kweku Boateng, a second year Graphic Design student who is creating mind blowing art with his pencils.

Kuulpeeps: Can you tell us about yourself?

NKB: I am Nana Kweku Boateng, a student of TTU, offering Graphic Design. I am currently in my 2nd year.

Kuulpeeps: What type of art do you do?

NKB: I am a hyper realistic artist. Hyperrealism is basically sculpture or painting that looks like a high-resolution photograph.

Kuulpeeps: Who can you say inspired you to start drawing?



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NKB: Arinze Stanley Egbengwu, a Nigerian hyper realistic artist.

Kuulpeeps: Why did you start hyperrealism?

NKB: It was mainly my customers and some friends who pushed me to be better. I wanted to stand out from my fellow artists. They are good in their fields so I challenged myself to do better. All I can say is FAATSA’s Wi-Fi bill went up that month. 😂


Kuulpeeps: Which of your friends or peers inspires you?

NKB: No one yet.

Kuulpeeps: Which one of your works is your favorite?

NKB: I don’t have any favourites yet, hopefully when I produce over ten works.

Kuulpeeps: What is the longest time you have spent on an artwork?



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NKB: I spent 507 hours (21 days) on my first hyper realistic work. I remember my friends kept telling me I had missed assignment deadlines. I barely went to class. I sometimes forgot to eat. It paid off though.

Kuulpeeps: How do you balance friends, fun, art and studies?

NKB: Well I don’t really have a lot of friends. I never stay in the class when the lesson has ended. I am mostly by myself. I draw for fun or binge on Game of Thrones, lol. I have learnt how to balance my studies with art, I allocate time for everything so my grades don’t fail.



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Kuulpeeps: Are you dating?

NKB: Yes, in a very serious relationship.

Kuulpeeps: What is something people don’t know about you?

NKB: Ei, lol. I do not know how to make friends. I have friends from SHS, we were in the same class and hall so we are kind of close. They are mostly the ones I talk to. I made some friends in class and my hall. I won’t say I am clandestine or anything. I just need to learn how to make friends. I feel I sound desperate.

Kuulpeeps: Do you have any of your works featured anywhere?

NKB: Uhm yes, on Instagram my own page @nkaybee , Ghanaian Artists (@ghanaian_artists) and Art Viral (@art_viral)


Kuulpeeps: So what advice do you have for young artists out there who look up to you?

NKB: Well just be humble, listen to people’s comments, especially the bad ones. Practice, it might sound cliché but practice does make perfect. Do not forget God too.

Kuulpeeps: Thank you so much NKB.

NKB: My pleasure.

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