Methodist University: Don’t Go Hungry, Check Out These Food Joints

We’ve heard this countless times “Food is life, food is bae, food won’t let you down…”

With all the long hours of interesting and boring lectures… one will definitely need to refresh the system.

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Kuulpeeps MUCG is here to give you all the filla on places you can get sumptuous meals and at affordable prices too!


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Manovia is opposite the faculty building. You can get different varieties of food such as Banku and pepper with Fried Fish, Fried Rice with Chicken, Jollof with Meat and Plantain, you can get any of these combinations at a price of 5 Cedis  and above

At the far end, opposite of faculty building you can grab all these, Plantain with Kontomire stew, Jollof, Fufu, Kenkey, Banku and Okro all for 5 Cedis and above.

Farther at the end opposite of faculty and you can get local foods such as Fufu and light soup, groundnut and palm nut soup, Jollof with plantain and chicken, kenkey and fish, Banku and Okro, grilled chicken all below 10 Cedis. Depends on how you want it.

Adjei and Family

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They are based at the Alpharoyal court.  They come at night and those in the hostels get to enjoy bread and egg with sausages and Indomie, yam chips and gizzard is also available.

Icy cup

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It can be located at the students’ car park.  Fresh yogurt and freshly baked doughnut is sold at 4 Cedis  and above

In the outer basement of the Centrelink hostel, there is a Chinese restaurant. Local dishes, pizza, burger, and all other continental dishes are sold at prices above 10 cedis

Outside the campus, Brodiemu has all varieties of food and is very affordable. You need just 3 Cedis and above to get a palatable meal.

You can now get food anywhere, anyhow and at anytime Kuulpeeps!!

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