GIJ: Daud’s Viral Mixtape Is What You Should Be Bumping To Now

2018 we must admit has been a great and spectacular year for music.

We can attest to the fact that our playlist has been updated quite a number of times and in some cases caused us to delete some chunes we bang to for space.

Most music lovers and fans to some extent wish the release of projects by their favorite artistes comes to a halt.
But sorry, you might have to update your favorite playlist again.

Coming to hit our ear drums real hard is a project by Tema’s very own Daud Agyeman, popularly known as Daud.
He serves us with a really hot mixtape containing a plethora of bangers dubbed the “VIRAL MIXTAPE”.

According to the budding act, the title is a three dimensional one.
First and foremost, it’s an abbreviation for Volition In Realizing All Longings (V.I.R.A.L)
Deep right?

Well, the title ‘VIRAL’ is also a mission statement for how far he wants the project to go and that’s Viral.
We can bet this project will go past the shores of Ghana.

Finally the choice of title represents how Daud is consumed with the rap virus.
Aren’t your ears itching already?
Projects like this from artiste’s, especially budding ones have or come with a mind blowing artwork and Daud is no exception.

A look at the official cover art of the mixtape shows a human head which has a close resemblance with the rapper.
According to Daud, the only thing he hasn’t lost to the rap virus is his sanity. That’s why he has only his head on the cover art.

Without this sanity, he wouldn’t be able to pursue a career in rap.
He further explains that, the color of his skin, is his origin as a black man.

Also, the background with the color red represents, passion specifically for what he does.

It’s also representative of danger he poses to other rappers, and that’s the general theme of the project.

That’s why red predominates the artwork.
The subtle flames we see in his eyes also represents the passion burning inside of him. For him everything else is just aesthetic.

The 8 track mixtape features two singers, that is Robby Adams on Changes (2nd Track) and King Buckfield on Emotional Blunder (4th Track).

Some of the tracks on the mixtape happen to be covers from other songs.
According to Daud, the VIRAL Mixtape isn’t one intended as a commercial project, thus it’s strictly a promotional one.

Therefore he intends to promote it through sponsored posts across Social Media, through his personal music profiles like Soundcloud, Reverbnation, etc.
The project will also be available on popular music sites like DC Leakers and Critic Bay.

There would also be a few radio interviews and some popup advertisement.
Treat your ears to this one by Daud.


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