Ashesi: If You Want To Find Out The Healing Properties Of Dancing, You Need To Read This


Do you love to dance?

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Dance is not just about moving your feet and body to the rhythm of a beat of a song. It entails more. Look beyond the mirror and you will see reflections you have never thought, or dreamt or seen before.

Think of dance in a way that encompasses emotions,creativity and exercise of  the body. I know you might be wondering how moving your body and feet really helps keep you healthy.

1. It helps you escape from mental stress

Dance makes you let all feelings down through movements to the music being played. It helps you to create beautiful memories, and forget all the troubles you had before the dance show started. This is because at that point in time, it looks like you are on another planet .

2. It helps in improving memory

Dancing does not only help get rid of mental stress but also aids in improving memory of an individual in the sense that dance is a combination of dance moves which needs attention to grasp. With the grasping of each step or move of a dance routine, the brain processes it and helps in retention of what you learnt . It can also be way of learning how to capture things mentally through dance, lol.

3. It helps brings the creative ability in you

Dancing to everyone is just a movement of the body but what makes it stand out is the coordination of the moves and the creation of moves to create a wonderful piece. With dance, the potential of creativity is unlocked because brainstorming comes to place when making a choreography and not just any but a better one at that.

4. It helps you gain a greater self confidence and self esteem

Dancing makes you see yourself worth billions of dollars not easy to be swayed away and you liking yourself no matter the pressures towards you.
It makes you a better you, that no one can contend with. It helps you be true to yourself and not try to be someone else.

5. It helps in the conditioning of your heart and lungs

Dance is not only a fun tool. It is also a learning tool for creativity and good retention. Guess what? Your heart and lungs are in better condition due to dancing since is an exercise . It helps to train your heart to withstand circumstances, since you dance as a form of exercise.

My advice to you , dance to have fun, unlock creative potential and exercise your heart and vital organs.

Hope this will encourage the Kuulpeeps out there to dance more.

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