UCC: Here’s Why You Should Not Go Home This Weekend- It’s UNPLUGGED FRIDAY!

If there is a reason why you should go home this weekend, we strongly advise you hold up and hear us out.

You are probably wondering why we are saying this, so let’s tell you why!!!

It’s because UNPLUGGED FRIDAY is happening this Friday. You know how Obinim says Kwasiada wei yi aaa, in the voice of the angel.

YES!! THIS VERY FRIDAY, 21st  September 2018.


So what’s UNPLUGGED Friday?

Unplugged Friday is a Grande party happening at the Presidential Palace of Cape Coast, Samrit Hotel.

The party features a mix of the best DJ from UCC.

It’s free for Ladies!!!

So guys pocket a cool GHS20 for one corner and chill up for the night.

Lectures are a bit relaxed at the beginning of the semester, so don’t pull the ‘’lectures card’’ on us. You are not allowed to miss out.

You can leave for home afterwards but make sure you come through.  It’s UNPLUGGED FRIDAY!!!


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