UCC Freshers Express “Discomfort” Over “Suspicious” Looking People


KuulpeepsUCC received a direct message on Instagram from a level 100  student who seemed uncomfortable with some acts by people who are unidentifiable.

The  message read,

A number of freshmen have expressed concerns over such people and their strange behaviours.

It ’s freshmen season and one would understand the heightening levels of anxiety.

Our best guess in an attempt to answer the question has to be that it may possibly be student executives or aspiring student leaders who are trying to help students get used to the school life. That could explain why they are being very nice.

It may also be just nice students who are genuinely helping out with no hidden motives.

Our list of possible answers may be endless and although such acts may be genuine we advise students to be cautious if they do not know the intent of such people.

It could be just an aspiring candidate for next semester’s elections or probably not, students are however advised to be cautious.


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