These Adorable Things You Used To Do As Kids Will Definitely Have You Remembering Your Very First Crush

Remember a couple of years back when you were so far away from adulting and all was right with the world? Remember how the only thing you had to worry about was ”did that girl/boy you liked come to school today?” That being said, remember the stuff you used to do to catch their attention?

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Guys!! Don’t deny this. Remember how you used to chase the girl of your dreams around? Back then, you couldn’t wait for it to be Break Time just so you’d provoke her, have her run after you or you’d produce something nasty just so she’d run from you then… yessss you chase her everywhere! Good times huh?

Now that we have set the ball rolling…

What was up with torturing the love of your life back in primary school? What happened to the good old chasing? Most guys just thought it wise to worry the hell out of their crushes and now, when you think about it…WHYYY??!! These guys would give light pinches, slight ear pulls, literally anything to make the girl give an exaggerated “agyeii” and a ”Oh stop it I’ll report you”

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Also, who told everyone that putting your book on top of your crush’s book will automatically transfer feelings? When submitting your work you make sure yours is directly above and below your crush’s that way, when the books are being returned, you’d get yours right after they get theirs…

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And the lowkey games!! Remember FLAMES? The game? Remember how you’d play it and add all the names your parents gave you and then some, just because your names need to match up to Lovers. You’d even misspell your name just to make sure you don’t land on Friends or Enemies.


Now, ladies… Why did we cry anytime they teased us with our crushes? Like… we liked it right? so why did we cry? Lmao

Oh and Dbees!! whenever your mum packed your Refresh or Tampico for school, you selflessly give it to your crush but she still wouldn’t give you the time of day.

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When you have a crush on someone and they lend you a sharpener, or a book or anything at all, what do you do? You keep it for as long as you can and you don’t even return it because yeah it feels good having a piece of the love of your life with you right?!!

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When you look back now, they were really stupid huh? but you must admit they are all oh so adorable!!


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