KNUST: Meet The Beauty Behind Vals Pine Juice

Combining business and academics is a whole load, but people do it anyway and we love that energy. Have a look at this interesting conversation we had with a student entrepreneur.

KuulpeepsKNUST: So Valerie or Val?  I can call you Val right?

Val: Sure, why not? I don’t mind

KuulpeepsKNUST: Ok Val. Can you tell us something brief about yourself?

Val: I am Valerie Nana Yaa Oppong, a final year Real Estate Student. I love singing and anything that has chocolate in it. I’m a God fearing person and I love movies a lot. I am a past student of Holy Child School and the financial secretary of the Real Estate Club.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Why start a business when in school, I mean you could have saved yourself the extra stress and all so what prompted you to start

Val: LOL…I always say that great minds diversify their portfolios and earnings and not their expenditure. Major on your strengths that is what I always say. I’m a great marketer and I say so myself and I ’m good at convincing ad persuading people to buy or do stuff so I decided to channel that talent into something can bring me some profit.

KuulpeepsKNUST: I feel that great minds. Anyways, out of all the things, why did you decide on pineapple juice, why not apple juice or even sell clothes or food?

Val: Hehehe. Who doesn’t want a chilled cup of pineapple juice especially in this our country with the heat and all? But seriously my favourite fruit is pineapple, I love anything pineapple maybe except on pizza, so I decided to share my love of the fruit with the rest of the world and God being so good it became a success.

KuulpeepsKNUST: I know right! Pineapple on pizza sounds so weird. But you know there is one thing I’m really curious about, how do you manage to combine your academics and business regarding the fact that you are in final year which comes with too much load?

Val: I love to be active all the time, I don’t just handle my academics and business, I also triple as a leader in my church on campus and it’s all about balance. You can’t let one activity take more time from you than you can handle. I have a strict regime I follow which enables me to maximise most of my time and come out on top without being overwhelmed.

KuulpeepsKNUST: WOW. So madam jack of all trades tells us what your grabbing status is. My guys out there, this one is for you.

Val: (laughing) that is for me to know and for you to find out but be expecting some save the date pictures very soon

KuulpeepsKNUST: This certainly looks like a loss to the secret admirers out there. Since you started have you encountered any challenges that have made you want to give up?

Val: Yes, initially getting the right market to buy the best quality pineapple and also transporting them back to school was a problem at first and there were times that I had some discouraging comments from friends telling me It won’t sell, nobody likes pineapple that much and that I wouldn’t have time for my studies and all but hellooooo ain’t the Lord good??

KuulpeepsKNUST: That HE is, have you got any advice for us; especially to those who want to take up entrepreneurship?

Val: Trust God to take you far with any business you have in mind, start with the little you have and raise your bar and standards each and every time and always stay positive.

KuulpeepsKNUST: Thank you so much, Val, for having us.

Val: My pleasure.


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