Human Anatomy: Don’t Attempt This Quiz If You Weren’t A Science Student


What is the largest organ of the body?

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The skin covers every part of your body, how ca you get that wrong?

What is the name of the bone structure that makes up your spinal column?

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The Vertebrae houses and protects the spinal cord.

What is the name of the biggest part of the brain?

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Approximately how many bones are in the adult human body?

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Which internal organ can regenerate itself?

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What's the name of the long pipe that moves food from the back of your throat to your stomach?

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What organ enables the human body to stay balanced?

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The innermost part of the year has 2 roles to play, one is hearing, and the other is maintanance of balance.

Which of these isn't a part of the circulatory system?

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Human Body
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You need to apply to medical school. You are born to be a medical doctor!
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The medical field is just not for you.

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