Do You Always Break Up After A Short While? Then This Article Is Yours

You date for just 3 months and then you break up. The most you’ve gone is a year and you’re proud of yourself.

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That’s depressing but luckily for you, your relationship expert is here to give you some gems in line with dating which would help you in your quest to a healthy long relationship.

1. Work Out Your Kinks

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You really don’t have to go to bed angry at your significant other. You guys should just try and sort your issues out before they escalate. He missed out on an event very dear to you; I know edey baaasshh but charley, how you go am? Give him the silent treatment and let him come crawling for your forgiveness but don’t let it ky33 otherwise, he will flip the script and before you know it, you’ll be the one apologizing. (It works for both sides).

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2. Forgive And Forget

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I cannot emphasize this enough. After working out your kinks, try to forgive! You can’t keep going back to the situation in your mind. It will definitely affect the way you relate with your partner. Don’t, I repeat, Don’t bring up old arguments that you and your partner sorted out. It. Will. Not. End. Well! Depending on what exactly happened, it might be difficult to forgive and forget but if you guys think you can’t move forward from the situation, then break up. Why do you want to keep being bitter????

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3. Trust Each Other

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We don’t have to talk about this point for long. If you don’t trust your boyfriend/ girlfriend why the ‘f’ are you in that relationship???!! Bruh! Why are you deceiving yourself? It’s not worth it! You aren’t ready! If you have to keep checking up on your partner; reading his WhatsApp messages, checking his dms on Instagram and Facebook, checking who’s picture he/she is liking and other creepy things, there is no reason why you should still be in the relationship.

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4. Keep Checking On Each Other

You have to check on each other to let your partner know that they’re on your mind. That cute text you send during your lunch break might go a long way to make your partner’s day. Did you see a funny video? Send it to your partner er! Why? Only you know how to laugh?

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5. Show Your Love

Why are you hiding your love in your pocket? The person knows you love him/her and so what? So you won’t say it again? You won’t do those cute cute things you used to do when you were chasing each other? Ei. See er, that’s how you lose your partner to someone else and you’ll be blaming your family members. Routines become normal in the lives of couples. Trying something new and interesting together can be an important way for couples to keep the spark alive. You don’t have to do anything big. For example, give honest compliments to each other, surprise each other with little gifts, talk to each other before you sleep and be there in their times of need.

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The recipe for a successful relationship isn’t definite but depends on the individuals in that particular relationship. Understand your partner. Something that will work with one person might probably not work on another so you should know how to handle your partner. Know that a successful relationship does not just happen. It does happen when the two people involved invest in the relationship and have the structural support (e.g., manageable life stress) to do so well.

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