Anonymous Writes: Interns Share Their First Day Stories

Over in UEW, all students offering education are required to complete six semesters of classwork and in their seventh, go on the field to practice teaching in a school where they’ll be graded….yeah, you’re going to teach for grades.

This core course is a whopping twelve credits for most so you know any yawa can mess that already shaky GPA but these stories we received from final years on-field are just hilarious. Nuff talk…

It really is a long way from the school entrance to it’s administration where I’ve to sign in so I always order an Uber. I was in a well ironed shirt and trousers with some classy Oxford bi oo charley, resting at the backseat of the Uber. When we reached the entrance, the security man asked  the driver to park and ordered me to step out. I was smiling. Before I got out of the car, this security man was asking the other security men to come around…he was shouting. It wasn’t funny anymore, I wasn’t smiling anymore. He asked why I was being stubborn and asked why I was in jeans and unprescribed footwear…at this point, na aconf! Uber man was asking for his fare since he was getting embarrassed. Then he (the security man) asked  “Hwe n’anim bi, which class and house are you?”. Apparently he thought I was a student. “Bossu, I’m not a student, I’m a tecaher.” , I tried explaining! This man wouldn’t take it! Students were passing and looking on. All he kept saying was “why are you wearing a school uniform with jeans?”. Everything made sense after I took a look at my shirt. It was the exact one the boys wore. I lauged, reached for my intern pass and student ID and showed him…he apologized profusely and let me go. During closing when I got to the gate, he had open it wide!….the gate!


On my very first day, i had  stomach upset. It wasn’t that bad till I actually got to the school and was asked to go teach a class. I had to use the washroom. To my horror, the washroom was in the in at the center where everyone could watch you go…LITERALLY! I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself. After contemplating on whether to use the loo or not, i entered and had my mind and my a*s bent on not making any sounds but this thing had other plans. The first blow was a bomb! Explosion paa! As if that wasn’t enough, i heard someone shout “Ei maame!”. I knew I was going to stay in there forever….i knew this! But the relief, charley! I came out and I could feel their eyes on me. I walked out of the staff room quick! 


Always struggled with body image issues  so getting some beard really did me good. Secof this internship, I had to shave off but I didn’t shave all off. I left a stubble. I was in class with my mentor observing him teach when the headmistress walked in and made a funny face at me. I knew what it was at that moment. She signaled for me to come out. I did and then she started going on about my beard. She should have just given it to me in the room koraa. She was shouting and drawing the attention of the whole block. She asked me to shave and told me to go back to my seat…for where? Derr norr i close school! 

Our lecturers warned us but will i listen! As a female, going to teach Economics in an all-male school, there pressure was on for me. I had introduced myself to the class with my best American accent. I was delivering in impeccable American accent till I heard the words come out from my mouth….DEMAND OR SUPPRY CURVE! I’m currently trying to win back the respect of the boys…check back NEVER!

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