We Know For A Fact You Know At Least One Person With One Of These Weird Phobias

Phobias are extreme fears of things or situations. Some are extremely irrational and we just look at them and think…

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But you’d be surprised!! Some of these fears are closer and more common among us than you think. You probably have one of these and you don’t know it!


Sometimes it’s not that we are party poopers ooo we just have this phobia. The fear of dancing.


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That fuck boy or hoe you detest so much, pardon them wai they just have this fear of falling in love


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It’s the fear of beards and I swear every Ghanaian parent has this phobia!!!


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Remember those kids who had to be lashed before they go to school? The ones they had to drag to school and they’d cry and cry and cry? Yeah, they probably just had the fear of going to school!


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Yeah, you see how some people get their hearts shattered and the next few days they’re in another relationship? Yeah sometimes, they have this phobia. They’re just scared of being alone.


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We bet you didn’t read that so let’s show it to you again… Sesquipedalophobia. So remember that friend who never reads long words out and you think they’ve just shaa…they just have a phobia of long words. But…how will they say their phobia’s name?


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Your paddy is always dating ‘ugly girls’ and you don’t get it right? Cos he ankasa he’s fine af! Well, maybe, just maybe, he has this fear of beautiful women


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I think some of our parents need to see this. We aren’t reading not because we like TV and Social Media more but because we have a fear of books.

Now you’re beginning to think you probably have a phobia or have had a phobia before huh?

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