Do You Think You’re Settling In Your Relationship? You Should Definitely Read This.

We all have an idea about the person we would love to date. Most girls fantasize about guys who are tall, handsome, have a flat stomach and are well chiselled…

I mean, some dark chocolate never hurt anybody.

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The guys also fantasize about girls who have sizeable butts, big boobs, sexy curves and of course, a fine face.

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Apart from all these features which are general, we all want a partner who is compassionate, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, confident but not cocky and one who is not afraid of commitment.

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Despite all these general features, each person has their own ‘requirements’. Some girls want to date guys with tattoos or guys who have a specific head shape and look or even guys who have a specific job type, and this shows in the different guys they decide to date.

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But what if this particular person who wants you doesn’t possess your ‘requirements’ and the ‘worst’ part is that you kind of like this person too. Does it mean you’re settling? What exactly does it mean to settle?

Well take out your books and pens; class is in session!

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First of all, settling has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with letting go of your preferences. If someone loses their job, hair, or abs, that doesn’t mean you’re settling. More often than not, we want all our preferences in one human being and that is almost impossible. Besides, being in a relationship requires more than just physical attributes and features. It’s more about your attitude and other inherent properties.

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Settling involves you sacrificing a part of yourself when you should be your full self in your relationship. It usually doesn’t just happen but occurs over time. You begin to lose yourself little by little just because your partner might not understand where you’re coming from.

Settling involves giving up on your dreams. Settling is giving up on those dreams about travelling and exploring the world just because it does not align with the new life you’ve chosen for yourself with your partner.

The most important thing to note is that when you’re settling you know very well that you are settling. As much as you might try to lie to yourself and talk yourself out of it, there’s something deep down inside of you that knows what you have with this person isn’t real. Settling involves ignoring your gut!

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Well, there you have it! Now sit back and re-evaluate your relationship. It’s ok if you don’t get butterflies in your stomach every single time you meet your partner. Just know that it doesn’t mean you’re settling. You’ve probably hit the best part of your relationship. You’ve finally hit the part where you can chill the eff out and enjoy being in love.

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