Take A Look At All The Important Places On Methodist University, Dansoman Campus.

Fresher’s SZN,  this one dieer no long talk, check out all these important places on campus.


All your problems and everything biaa concerning the school, don’t hesitate to go here.

Under The Shed:

The lovers’ bench under the shed is a suitable place for resting and chatting, some students also study there so they can enjoy the fresh air.

Others take record of every individual that passes and the gossip begins. Others use that for their own agendas in the night, if you know, you know! And for the Wi-Fi connection too! Very important.

The Football Field:

Almost every day there are guys playing football on the field. That’s where most of the fights and arguments on football are done. Grammar students also use the field for training.

The Basketball Court

Even though small, it is significant to all the basketball players, *whispers* the girls go there to go and crush on B-ball players


The faculty is where most of the lectures go on. Students normally take time to learn in any of the lecture halls as well as gossip.

Where two or three are gathered, something about someone has to be said. Wi-Fi connection is also one of the major reasons people stay a while in Faculty before leaving.


Essentially for eating. After eating, people sit there a bit to relax till its time for another lecture or go home.

Some students also…*minding our business* It depends on your agenda chale. No formula.


Image result for mucg library

Access to computers, books, and a quiet environment is why people are normally in the library and the Wi-Fi connection is super strong there.

Forecourt of Administration:

Used for congregations, graduations, hiring, and photo shoot as well. Very spacious too. The grass is not as beautiful as Centre link gardens tho.

Now you can identify all these places on campus, right? Let’s do this!

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