Airbnb: A Lady Displayed Her Ignorance Big Time On Twitter Now Everybody Is Dragging Her Hither And Yon

The internet is really savage and you better make sure you know your stuff before you go throwing shade and calling people out.

Trust us, the internet doesn’t forget and if your shading goes wrong, it will come and drag you to hell and back.

Mawusenam got the bitter taste of real Twitter life today when she ignorantly went to call out a Twitter user.

Someone who tweets with the handle @Empress__Wu sent a tweet that she “wanted to air Bnb this really big house in Aburi for my birthday and invite people over. But I realized half of the ppl are not ppl I call when I’m in trouble or when I need help or want to talk. So I will use the money on myself because everyone’s morda.”

First of all, Empress was kinda seeking attention with the tweet. But instead of letting it go, Mawusenam also tried to pick on Empress’ use of Airbnb in her tweet as though she didn’t understand.

Mawusenam, who used to use @i_adzo as her Twitter before social media came for her, ignorantly thought ‘Air bnb’ was the name of an airline.

Since Mawusenam’s big gaffe… Twitter has had a field day.

These streets are treacherous… wow

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