A.I Released His Headstrong EP And Now, We Can’t Stop Thinking About All The Reasons Why We Love His Music

A.I, the musician not the technology that’s threatening to render most of us jobless in a couple of years has been in the music industry for a while. Those who know him know he’s an exceptional musician who’s given nothing but bangers for as long as we remember him.

He’s been stingy with his music for a while now, but thankfully, he released an EP he’s been promising and it’s amazinggggg!! He made us remember that yaassssss we love him and his music.

He sounds like he’s legit having fun making music!! You can almost ‘hear his smile’ in the music and you can easily imagine him dancing and laughing while the song was being recorded.

He’s got an African vibe we love. If you listen to his songs, you’d notice he easily brings back the high life vibe without making it sound old. His songs are genuine and effortlessly ‘African-ish interlaced with the Ghanaian language.

Image result for A.I Ghanaian musician

Notice how his voice is just…different? His voice is amazingly unique and he doesn’t sound like you’d expect.

He’s got the kind of voice that stands out no matter what genre of music he slips into so yeah if he decides to go undercover and sing anonymously, we’d catch him quick!! lol

His music is timeless. Pretty sure you can listen to his songs 10 years from now and they’d still be welcoming and easy to jam to.

He’s got a unique flow that we hope will never change!!

You should check out his EP, Headstrong on all platforms here: Headstrong EP

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