Fashionistas! There’s A New Futuristic Fashion Trend And…We Love It!!

During the just-ended New York Fashion week, the designer Jeremey Scott, birthed a new Trend. We don’t even know what to call this trend so let’s just name it what it is: HIGH HEEL OVERALL BOOTS!! Yeah you read it right and you may be confused right now cos you can’t picture it in your head but don’t worry, we will give you the visuals soon but before that, let’s talk about his show for this year’s fashion week.

His concept for his fall collection was like the Fifth Element meets pop culture hence the models wearing candy-colored blunt wigs that didn’t match their legwear — purple tights, blue and orange tights, and thigh-high moon boots that didn’t look comfortable but made you smile cause I mean it’s a LEWK!!

Yeah we are assuming you guys have seen the movie the Fifth Element with Bruce Willis.


Jeremy Scott RTW Fall 2018


OKAY, time to take a look at the trend at hand… the HIGH HEEL OVERALL BOOTS! This look is not for the meek or the “short”!! please, you must be apart of the “Talls” to pull this off..



It was bright. It was camp. It was silly but not stupid. There’s no reason to overthink it, but don’t dismiss it either because its A WHOLE LEWK!!!


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