The First Case Of The Deadly Monkeypox Disease Has Been Recorded In The UK

Remember we told you about the monkeypox disease that was spreading in Nigeria in October last year?

Well, this awful disease has reared its ugly head once again, in the United Kingdom this time.

The monkeypox virus has been diagnosed in the UK for the first time, according to Public Health England (PHE).

The disease, which is usually found in Central and West Africa, is similar to smallpox, and can be deadly.

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One individual is confirmed to have monkeypox. They were staying in a naval base in Cornwall, before being transferred to the expert infectious disease unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

The most common symptom of monkeypox is the “eruption” of skin rashes all over the body, that appear as fluid-filled blisters.

It is a rare disease caused by the monkeypox virus, and has been reported mainly in central and west African countries

The patient is a resident of Nigeria, and it’s believed they contracted the infection before travelling to the UK.

PHE and the NHS are contacting individuals who may have been in close contact with the patient, as monkeypox can be spread by human-to-human contact.

A number of passengers that were travelling on the same flight to the UK as the patient have been contacted.

Source: Express UK

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