Legon: Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Go Swimming.

Alright, so the weekend’s here and you’re looking for a way to unwind after 5 days of lectures. Bloombar’s closed and there’s nothing really interesting in the cinemas. You could try swimming:

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Here are some precautions to take so you fully enjoy your day out.

Avoid a heavy meal before going into the pool. A small snack is okay, but anything too large will give you abdominal cramps in the pool. Eating a big meal also causes drowsiness and overall fatigue and puts you at risk of drowning. It may even cause vomiting or nausea. So, basically, don’t do it

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Take a shower before and after your swim.

The chlorine in most swimming pools isn’t too harmful to the skin, but Ghana we dey, so you can’t be too careful. Prolonged contact with chlorine leaches Vitamin E and other essential oils from your skin, leaving it dry and itchy af.

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It can also cause acne breakouts and…. You get the gist; its bad news. “But, why shower before?” You ask. Well, getting in the pool wet somehow prevents the impact the chlorine in the pool has on your skin. Don’t ask me how, I don’t make the rules.

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Drink a lot of water beforehand or send a bottle along. Swimming is exercise and like all other exercises, even if you may not notice it, you sweat (another reason to shower after leaving the pool!) Now, you may not lose enough fluid to cause a serious issue, but even just a little dehydration is enough to cause dizziness and irritability. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Check yourself.

Do you have any open wounds, scratches or sores of any kind? The pool water may irritate them and cause nasty infections,

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so make sure you cover them up with a water-resistant bandage.

Obviously, swimming with a new tattoo is a huge no-no. And ladies, if you’re on your period, make sure you use a tampon that has been approved for swimming, lol. No one wants to be swimming in that.

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Never swim alone.

Always go with a couple of friends. Even if you’ve been swimming since you could walk, there’s no planning for accidents. And it’s more fun with others anyway, whether it’s underwater selfies with that special someone or setting squad goals with your best buds.

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Good friends always make experience better. So stay safe, Kuulpeeps.

PS: Showing a valid student’s ID at the Legon pool gives you a massive discount, so don’t forget that!

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