This Is How Ashesi Helps Freshmen Settle In and Feel At Home

Hello Beautiful People,

We’ve all been freshmen before, and Kuulpeeps Ashesi can admit that most times, settling in college can be difficult. We are brought into a new environment, filled with new faces, a new weather, which we have to adjust our bodies and mind to.

As such the Office of Diversity and International Programs (ODIP) at Ashesi, has come up with a Buddy Up programme. The buddy up is a program instituted by the school to pair freshmen with continuing students, with the aim of assisting them to settle and adjust to the Ashesi community easily. Continuing students are volunteering their time and resources to help with this.

The program is also a way of enabling freshmen from outside Ghana, to settle into the Ashesi community and adjust to the Ghanaian culture. It’s a semester-long two-way mentorship program where each incoming freshman is paired with a continuing student as a point of contact, and to create a platform for cultural exchange.

How does your campus help freshmen feel at home? Do they do it the Ashesi way?



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