#SMWAccra: This Is What You Missed From The Goldfish Effect Session

Social Media Week, 2018 has been ongoing all week and today, the sessions kickstarted with Abimbola Craig from Ndani TV, Maitham Basha-Agha, an international photojournalist and Yaa Boateng of Renegades Africa.

These amazing speakers detailed how to grab the attention of consumers of your content. Well not just grab but hold it as well. The session was aptly named, The Goldfish effect- effective consumer engagement in 5 seconds.

Acheiving the goldfish effect is quite simple, according to the speakers. The goldfish is known to have a very short attention span, however, research has shown that humans have now reached a point where our attention span is shorter than the goldfish.

The average human’s attention span lasts for about 8 seconds!! Anything more than that…yawn.

Yaa Boateng explained that the future of content is videos and when putting out these videos, you need to consider the goldfish effect, so you produce an end result that grabs the attention of the consumers.

When producing ads for your product or brand, it is important to remember that people love to experience ads and not just watch, so it is important to make something under 1 minute that will catch their attention and at the same time, give off the message intended to be put out.

Maitham Battha agreed and insisted that in this era of the rise off social media, 1 minute videos are extremely important. Always go straight to the point and make sure you engage your consumers. If you post a video in relation to your brand and you get feedback, engage! Say thank you, if someone suggests something you can do better, pay attention to it because remember, all you’re doing is for your consumers.

This brings us to the Nigerian actress and producer’s very valid point on feedback. She stressed on how important feedback is and talked about how it helped Ndani TV churn out content that we have all come to love.

You really should have sat in this session. If you didn’t, you missed out on a whole lot!!!




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