#SMWAccra: The University Of Ghana Will Soon Launch A Completely Online Full Time 4 Year Degree Programme

Technology is taking hold of every industry and as such businesses, institutions and individuals who do not adapt to the changing landscape will be left out in the revolution that has already begun.

Years ago, it would have been impossible to apply for a university programme in Ghana, gain admission and book a hall of residence without having to visit the university campus at least once.

However, with technology one can do all these right from the comfort of their home, only to show up at the university for your lectures.

Now the University of Ghana, Legon wants to take a step further – this is following in the footsteps of universities in other advanced countries.

Very soon, one will apply to study at Legon, gain admission, pursue a full four-year degree programme without having to step foot on campus even once.

No offline contact hours, no offline registrations and filling out forms.

According to Professor Godfred Alufar Bokpin, a lecturer at the University of Ghana,  who was speaking at the Social Media Week Accra during the New Media and Education Session, Ghana’s premier university will fully digitize selected degree programmes.

The university has already taken strides in this regard with its Distance Learning Programme, where faculty and students have some remote contact hours, however, he said, “some full-time programmes will also go online soon.”

With this, the university, that already attracts a good number of foreign students hopes to enrol more foreign students and give prospective students some form of flexibility in their studies.

Moving ahead with this plan will also lead to a time when the university will start issuing Electronic degree certificates.

Meaning when one graduates, there won’t be a hard copy degree certificate.

“The system will be built such that the authenticity of these E-Certificates can be verified from anywhere in the world,” he said.

He said the university is fully aware of people already trying to electronically change their results and that a robust system will be need to ensure that the E-Certificates can be trusted and relied on.

He acknowledged that spending on technology is gradually becoming the biggest budget spending at the University of Ghana, Legon and that this shows how Legon is getting ready for the technology future the world is heading into.

Becoming a university of the future has already started for Legon.

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