Legon: IcyCup Is Now On Campus! Here Is What They Have For Us.

As soon as you mention IcyCup, everyone’s mind goes to Knust because that is the most common and fun place to hangout with your boo or friends.

Well guess whatttt??? They are officially on Legon campus!

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Although it is not an entire building like Knust, they have mini trucks around Pent, Diaspora and Night Market from 8 am to 10 pm each night.

In case you are part of the 20% who do not know what Icy Cup is, well, they sell fresh yogurt! With just 5gh you can enjoy a cup of fresh yogurt.

Or maybe you are a yogurt lover and one cup is just not enough for you, they also sell in GALLONS!!   13gh  for 1Litre , 23gh for 2 litres and 45gh for 5 litres.Hell yeah! It’s not just yogurt. They also sell pancakes, sandwich, sausage and jam rolls, waffles and rockies. You can also spice up your plain yogurt with vanilla flavor, strawberry flavor, Chocolate toppings, cashew and cereals.

Maybe Diaspora, Pent or Night Market is too far for you, Don’t stress! Delivery services are also available. All you have to do is call 0548447751 or 0507040044.

You can check their page out @icycupaccra on Instagram.

Welcome to Legon IcyCup!

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