Legon: 5 Natural Contraceptives That Won’t Give You Side Effects.

No one wants to be taking drugs often. There are always some side effects we don’t know about.

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Neither does anyone want to spend much on artificial contraceptives. Save yourself from the stress from ‘over the counter’ attendants giving you the typical “ak)la bone” look. Here are some natural contraceptives you might find useful.

Here are natural contraceptives that won’t affect you or your menstrual cycle:

Hot Water Bath

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Hot water can dilate the blood vessels of a pregnant woman and decrease blood circulation. There can be an increased risk to the baby if the baby receives less blood from the mother. A soothing hot water bath can get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

Vigorous Exercise

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Exercise is really essential but heavyweight and excessive exercise can naturally abort a fetus.


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An upset stomach can lead to pregnancy termination. The consumption of laxatives would aid the process of natural abortion is consumed in different amounts.

Sesame Seeds

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Sesame seeds induce abortion by exciting the uterine muscles. Its consumption causes contractions, which eventually leads to the expulsion of the fertilized ovum during the first trimester of pregnancy. Soak the sesame seeds overnight, strain the water and drink it.


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Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C. This property of pineapple makes it a natural way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. The Vitamin C can cause reactions harmful to the fetus.

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  1. Gross miseducation. The earlier the article is taken down the better. The content is not a true reflection of the topic. Contraception and abortion are two different things all together. This is actually pseudoscience… For instance, Laxative is a broad category of drugs to emcompases both natural and synthetic products. How does vasodilatation reduce blood flow? And how is the link between that and blood supply to the foetus? And Pineapples O I’m laughing. Then add Grapes, oranges, lime, and all foods rich in vitamin C. This is ludicrous. I think your editors must step up their game.


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