#SMWAccra: Super Aka GH Tupac Has Promised Ghanaians A Banger Next Month

You’re not in Ghana if you haven’t heard of the newest rap sensation to hit GH!

Forget all the other rappers you know! This guy means business and he’s out to take over the GH music scene!

GH Tupac! The one and only!

He made waves when Sarkodie posted a video of him on Twitter and since then…everyone’s been amazed at his ‘talent.’

GH Tupac was at the Social Media Week event and well…Y’all know how we do! Lol.

Kuulpeeps: How did you come up with the name GH Tupac?

GH Tupac: The streets gave me the name!

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been killing the rap game?

GH Tupac: 10 years! I’ve been rapping for 10 long years.

Kuulpeeps: When should we expect a hit from you?

GH Tupac: Very soon! Give me one month k3k3. 1 Month!

Kuulpeeps: What about Sarkodie? Has he reached out yet?

GH Tupac: Oh Sarkodie? Yeah we will meet in a week’s time

Kuulpeeps: That’s awesome! We are curious about the “[email protected]*k Gariba” you’ve been saying. Who’s this mysterious Gariba?

GH Tupac: Gariba! Gariba is a Hausa rapper who dissed my sister, Sekina a long time ago.

Wow. What an amazing big brother looking out for his sister!

Here’s a short freestyle especially for you, Kuulpeeps!!!


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