ATU: Here Are Some Continuing Student Sharing Their Freshmen Experience


We went around campus to find out the freshman experiences from the continuing students to help the freshers settle in. Check out their responses:

What was the hardest part about living on campus?


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“The hardest part for me was managing my weight. I did a terrible job. All of that late-night dining? The easy access to coke, fried foods? I blew up like a Zeppelin my freshman year. . . . Watch yourself with the takeout orders. I think I knew the pizza delivery guy by his first name. That can drain your bank account and expand your waistline. Eat as healthy as you can and limit your takeout orders to a couple times a week.”


“The hardest part of freshman year was feeling like an outsider at a mainly in-state school and balancing sleep with social life and school.”


“The hardest part about freshman year for me was finding ways to get involved on such a big campus. There were endless opportunities around you but it was tough to take the step forward in trying something new.”


“I had a hard time adjusting to sharing a small room with other people, having no privacy, and having to deal with their bedtimes, noise levels, friends, etc. . . . The toughest part about freshman year was trying to balance school, athletics, and a social life. Adjusting to spending so much more time at athletics than I did in SHS, while still maintaining a social life and doing well in school, was hard.”


“One of the hardest things about freshman year was dealing with things on your own, where if you were at home, you would have had your family to guide you and help relieve stresses. You have to be your own support system.”

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