#SMWAccra: Valerie Lawson Shares Some Ideal Beauty Tips For Students And 6 Fun Facts About Herself

Valerie Lawson is one of GH’s most creative makeup artists. She’s worked on an impressive number of public figures such as Samira Bawumia, Tracy Sarkcess, and even Boris Kodjoe’s wife! She spoke at the Gig Economy session yesterday, at social media week, detailing how social media has contributed to the success of her company. In addition to slaying faces like the makeup wiz she is, she’s got a line of make up tools she’s named CVL Beauty.
Here are some fun facts she disclosed to Kuulpeeps after her amazing presentation!
Kuulpeeps: Can you suggest 10 make up tips for students?
1. Eyeliner
2. Use coloured lip gloss
3. Always trim your eyebrows
4. Wear sunscreen or basically, just take care of your skin
5. Use Lipliner always

Kuulpeeps: What is your worst movie ever?
Valerie: Avatar and even Black Panther
Kuulpeeps: Would you prefer flats or heels?
Valerie: Flats
Kuulpeeps: Skirt or trousers?
Valerie: Skirt
Kuulpeeps: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what will it be?
Valerie: Banku and okro
Kuulpeeps: Which Quote will you always live by?
Valerie: Follow your heart and follow your guts
Kuulpeeps: Which gadget can you never live without?
Valerie: My phone!

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